Friday, July 1, 2011

Hazleton Franklin's pic

This is a picture of the Hazleton Franklin's, taken after Friendly's had the store's interior remodeled.

The date escapes me, simply because I did not work there at the time. Let's say late-80s.

Near as I can recall, all of the folks in that picture were from Franklin's, with the guy third from the left--John Collins--being from Friendly's.

If you knew me after Friendly's had purchased Franklin's, you know that Collins was lucky I never flipped out and assaulted him. Although, there was that one Sunday morning and that one mop handle that whizzed past his face.

I will never forget these hoddog and ice cream experts making with the profitablity routine 24/7.

Collins: Why do you need two hostesses?

Markie: Waiting line in. Waiting line out. You figure it out.

Standing in the rear and to the right was the long-time general manager of the Hazleton Franklin's, Emil Polchin.


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